At Barry E Walter Sr. Co. our capabilities surpass all others in the
industry. We are first and foremost a machine shop that has the ability to
reproduce and fabricate any replacement parts in the trade. The years of
experience in both the machining and plumbing parts field exceed all of our competitors. Click here to see us in action

With over twenty employees and our numerous machines including 10 CNC turning centers, both lathes and Swiss style machines, 2 multi spindle screw machines and over a dozen other manual lathes, mills, chucking centers and specialty machines, we have been able to reproduce some of the most unique items in the parts industry. This wide array of machines also gives us the ability to set up and run just one part or tens of thousands.

With this unrivaled flexibility it is no surprise that Barry E Walter Sr. Co.
makes hundreds of rare specials every year to go along with the millions of parts we produce annually. We especially pride ourselves in our superior quality and precision, standing behind every part we make.